Customising Your Wedding Ring Design From our Jewellery Collections

Ideas for Customising Your Wedding Ring Design From the Collections

Every ring design you see in our collections can be customised in many different ways, including:

Changing gemstone colours and metal colours,

customising your wedding ring design's metal colour

Adding or removing shoulder accent stones,adding or removing shoulder pave - custom wedding ring design Changing the main stone shape,changing the top halo shape on the ring - custom wedding ring design
…or perhaps changing everything, completely customising your wedding ring design.

making a triple cluster ring - custom wedding ring design

Going Fully Bespoke With Your Custom Wedding Ring Design or Other Jewellery

fully bespoke jewellery design

For those who want something truly original, or who already have an idea of what you’re wanting to do, we also offer a fully bespoke design service, working with your ideas and tastes and transforming them into a beautiful piece of custom jewellery.

If you'd like some help finding inspiration for a ring or any other type of jewellery, have a look at our Bespoke Jewellery Design Inspiration Gallery or our Instagram page.

CAD Fantastic jewellery - Mrs and Mrs wedding bands holding flowers

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