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Custom Couples Wedding Ring Sets Design Service

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What Are Custom Couples Wedding Ring Sets?

Over all the years I've been making wedding ring sets and other jewellery, I have always believed that bespoke jewellery design (and especially bespoke engagement rings and wedding bands) makes the perfect chance for someone to express their individual personality and tastes. I also noticed that whenever two people come together in a relationship, their personalities, dialogue and tastes start growing together as they form their own unique personal dialogue. However, it always seemed to me that given how overwhelming the engagement ring shopping experience can be, even the idea of shopping for wedding bands can easily become an afterthought, much less matching wedding bands.

With CAD Fantastic Jewellery’s Custom Couples Wedding Ring Sets design service, however, I've worked to develop a way for both partners to express not only the individual personalities of each person in the relationship, but also how the two partners interact together.

In this way, I've made the process of designing and creating just the right ring for you and your partner much easier. Both of you will get the rings which not only perfectly suit your style and tastes, but match beautifully with one another, just like the two of you.

Find Out More

Read our Bespoke Design Case Studies to find out more about how others used our Custom Couples service to create their matching wedding bands. Or have a browse through our jewellery inspiration galleries.


How Do I Order One?

It's easy-- simply asking for a Custom Couples Wedding Rings Set when you request your consultation.

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