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What Does Relationship Based Custom Jewellery Design Mean?

Most jewellers offer some kind of bespoke jewellery design service, but what most jewellers don't tell you is that there are many different levels of bespoke design.

These levels range anywhere from simply personalising a design (such as adding an engraving to an existing design), to semi-bespoke design (where you choose from a selection of templates), to fully bespoke design (where you design a piece for a client from scratch based upon an idea they bring to you).

Relationship based jewellery design, however, is another level on top of that.

This process is broken into five sections.

From the Relationship based bespoke design process, examples of jewellery design, CAD, manufacturing, and the finished ring
From top to bottom: jewellery design drawing, CAD modelling, manufacturing, and the finished piece
  1. For the first Discovery section, we start by getting to know you a bit, and finding out where you're coming from. How much do you already know about what you want? Do you already know about diamond grading and choices of metal, or would you like to know more? Have you set a budget? From there, I encourage you to look around to find out more about what you and your partner like best, and to take notes and photos. I also have a few very helpful short tutorials for helping you quickly fill in your knowledge of diamonds or precious metal, enough so that you can know the trade-offs for making an informed decision on what you want.
  2. For the second Acquaintance section, I'd want to find out a bit more about the both of you and what makes the two of you unique. What are your interests? What makes you happy? It's nothing too deep, just enough to understand a bit more about your own individual personalities and how your dynamic together. For example, I'd ask questions such as how you guys met, what makes you the couple that you are, and a little about each of your tastes in art, design, or fashion.
  3. Once that's been shared, for the third Inspiration section, I would sketch out a few design ideas in front of you to get an idea for where the both of you want to go. If you're happy with the ideas we're discussing, this would be the point where the first deposit would be take and the creation of your ring set would begin.
  4. For the fourth Planning section, I'd send to you a final visualisation of what you're ring would look like as a 3D image using Computer-Aided Design (CAD). This not only gives you the chance to see what your ring will look like as a physical object before it's even been made, but it also means we can make any needed small adjustments before the ring is physically crafted in London.
  5. Finally, the fifth Creation stage would be the point in which your rings come to life. Everything is hand-crafted in London using a perfect combination of old-fashioned craftsmanship and state-of-the art technology. My own particular blend of tools is what allows you to have such freedom of choice with your final designs.

Through this relationship based jewellery design process, we are able to provide you with a piece which truly carries personal symbolism and significance.

Custom Engagement Rings and Wedding Bands For Both of You

With CAD Fantastic Jewellery’s Custom Couples Wedding Rings bespoke jewellery design service, each partner's ring not only reflects their own taste and personality, but when all the rings are seen together, everyone can see that they belong together.

CAD Fantastic jewellery - Mrs and Mrs wedding bands holding flowers

Why Custom Couples Wedding Ring Sets?

Over all the years I've been making jewellery, I have always believed that custom jewellery design (and especially custom engagement rings and wedding bands) makes the perfect chance for someone to express their individual personality and tastes. I also noticed that whenever two people come together in a relationship, their personalities, dialogue and tastes start growing together as they form their own unique personal dialogue. However, it always seemed to me that given how overwhelming the engagement ring shopping experience can be, wedding bands can easily become an afterthought.

With CAD Fantastic Jewellery’s Custom Couples Wedding Rings design service, I've worked to develop a way for both partners to express not only the individual personalities of each person in the relationship, but also how the two partners interact together.

In this way, I've made the process of designing and creating just the right ring for you and your partner much easier. Both of you will get the rings which not only perfectly suit your style and tastes, but match beautifully with one another, just like the two of you.

What Previous Customers Have Said

"I ADDDDDOOOOOOOOORE the rings you made for us Jack @cadfantasticjewellery!! Truly the most beautiful jewellery I have had the absolute pleasure of wearing!!!"

-Rheena Suthar, via Instagram

"Engagement ring shopping can be a bit daunting, considering the cut, clarity and design. However, Jack at Cad Fantastic Jewellery guided me to exactly what I was hoping to achive. He was great at translating my ideas of my wife's wedding ring into something as unique as her. Based on my wife's free spirit characteristics and our loving relationship he was able to craft beautiful, unique ring as well as our personalised wedding bands. Thank you Cad Fantastic for having created an amazing piece of jewellery specifically to the woman I love."

-Mark Gierszewski, via Facebook

"Jack's work is absolutely amazing! As a birthday present I was gifted a bespoke ring. Myself and Jack worked together on what I wanted and he created a piece of jewellery that was better than I could have hoped for.

I'm bowled over by the end result, seriously couldn't be happier.

Thanks again Jack 

-Lucy Covington, via Facebook

How Do We Get Started?

It's quite easy-- contact us with the ideas you want, and we'll walk you through the process.

Don't quite know what you want yet? Have a look around at our wedding ring collection. Every engagement ring and wedding ring you see can be customised in many different ways.

Alternatively, you can always browse our bespoke jewellery gallery and find inspiration in the jewellery designs others have previously commissioned.

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