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Jack Meyer working at the jewellery bench

I am Jack Meyer, owner of CAD Fantastic Jewellery.

My first experience with working in jewellery came in 2002, when I took my first courses and dreamed of making my own wedding ring set. I ended up leaving behind my career in computer graphics to train as a traditional jeweller. I was introduced to jewellery CAD while working with an American fashion jewellery company in 2004, where we pioneered our first CAD/CAM based jewellery design and manufacturing process. This experience of being an early adopter became useful when I was brought back over to the UK to help work with and train the many other jewellery brands and designers who were looking at training and adding in CAD-based bespoke design services back in 2006-2007.

I've worked in London's jewellery district Hatton Garden ever since, designing and manufacturing for independent jewellery design brands and individuals. I am also senior lecturer in Computer Aided Design (CAD) at the UK jewellery industry's top trade school. To help others learn and understand what I do, I moderate a blog on jewellery technology and 3D printing in my free time.


I see the jewellery design process as a dialogue. This dialogue happens in many different directions: between myself and the client, between the source material and my design interpretation, and between myself and my team of specialist craftsmen.

Each of these interactions presents an opportunity to collaborate and get the most out of each contributor, to make the finished piece both as perfect as I can make it, and also perfectly suited for the individual.

This is why team and I started CAD Fantastic Jewellery-- we wanted to create a more creative and enjoyable bespoke design experience for individuals and couples looking to commission their own custom jewellery.

It is also why you will find in our design galleries a variety of styles and materials. We have access to a variety of manufacturing methods, both traditional and modern (such as CAD design and 3D printing technology), and by combining any tools the design requires, we are able to not only create just about anything you can imagine, we can also make the process fun, creative and exciting for you as a client.

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